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Overcoming Biploar Disorder: Testimony

During my freshman year of college I struggled with depression and anxiety. I tried several different medications but eventually quit taking them once they seemed unnecessary. When I went back to school my second year, I experimented with illegal drugs, which lead to a drug and alcohol addiction for the next two years. The last night I took illegal drugs I almost died. I overdosed on LSD and was rushed to the hospital to detox.

After being released from the hospital I went to a drug and alcohol rehab center where I was diagnosed as being bipolar. I was given bipolar medication at the facility and continued going to a psychiatrist after being released. The medication made me a completely different person. I could not think clearly and I always felt like I was in a fog. I couldn’t think of things to say to people in conversation so I withdrew from being around them. I was sad all the time and thought over and over that I just wanted to die. I told my psychiatrist about all of these side effects that I was experiencing, but his only solution was to change the medication or to add more to the mix. Suicide filled my thoughts until it seemed to be the only option.

One afternoon, I went to a shooting range with every intention of putting a gun to my head and ending my misery. I did not end up pulling the trigger which I know now was God saving my life again. In a very short amount of time, I was able to stop taking all of my medications. It was a miracle how quickly my mind cleared and I began to feel like my normal self again. Today with the continued help of Healthy Beginnings, and by God’s grace, I am medication free and loving living life!


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