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The Big Five Stress Agents

uncovering the root cause of most health issues begins with understanding why these disruptions occuR. most of the fault for existing health failures comes from the BIG FIVE STRESS AGENTS:

  1. Big Myths: Poor information continues to circulate in the health community, misleading the public year after year and leaving people in a position to make poor and misguided choices about proper health, dieting and fitness.
  2. Big Medicine: The current American model of medince is a sickness care system that bills itself as "healthcare." The goal has become minimizing and reducing sickness, not promoting ongoing health that allows people to be free from the need for ongoing medical care. Because it is so misused, traditional medicine has now become the leading cause of death and injury in the U.S. (not cancer, not heart disease, not car accidents, etc.).
  3. Big Pharma: Huge pharmaceutical companies dominate the healthcare industry. Motivated by huge profits and creating lifelong customers whose dependence on drugs will deliver repeat business, the goal of pharmaceutical companies is to get people onto prescription drugs as early as possible and convince them that quality of life and disease management is only possible through repeated drug use.
  4. Big Fake Foods: The gigantic processed food industry exists to provide mass quantities of food at inexpensive prices so that they can make scores of profits. The result is denatured, calorie-loaded fat-dripping, trans-fat-impregnated, chemical laden and chemically addictive counterfeit food products that drive their sales and bottom line. Your health and wellness are of little concern to Big Fake Foods despite its self-serving, deceptive claims to the contrary. Their artifical products are slowly killing your health and the health of a majority of Americans... legally!
  5. Big Chemistry: The chemical industry exists to make life more convenient for us and for commerce. Unfortunately, the side effects of increasing chemical production and their introduction to our environment, bloodstreams and organs takes a damaging toll on our health, wellness, and vitality. In incrementally small changes, Big Chemistry exacts a lasting impact on our bodies.

Most people understand that one or more of these stress agents exists and that their life would be better if they were able to get rid of its influence. However, few people decide to take action to reduce and eliminate these stress agents and reclaim their natural health and body function. Our practice sees through these Big Five Stress Agents and offers people a helpful approach to pursue health and wellness that results in lasting positive change.