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Reversing Diabetes: Testimony

I was diagnosed with Diabetes in 1998. I was taking 120+ units of insulin per day on an insulin pump as well as medication for high blood pressure. My joints hurt, my muscles hurt, I was depressed and sick. I had tried other diets and exercise plans but they DID NOT WORK. I heard a commercial on the radio - it was Healthy Beginnings saying, "Would you like to reverse your diabetes?" It was my lucky day - I said, "Yes."

Approximately 4 months later, I have lost 55 lbs, I am off insulin completely, and I don't hurt - anywhere. I have also lowered my cholesterol and eliminated my blood pressure medication. I feel better overall physically and mentally.

I have been on every diet and my worst fear was that I wouldn't be able to stick with it. Once I started following the plan, it was easy. Truly! I have had no cravings and no problem sticking with the plan. I can see that this is my life plan now. I am amazed! Everyday!

Lynn Reyes
Houston, TX

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