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Program Testimonials

Everybody has a story.

Perhaps your story involves the frustration and irritation of recurring symptoms, despite medications and repeated doctor's visits. Perhaps your story entails a cycle of sickness, fatigue or depression. Perhaps you have experienced continuous symptoms from thyroid imbalance, diabetes, or GI problems that continually linger.

Fortunately, we have a lot of stories at Healthy Beginnings from people who have completed the Revitalize Health Program. From our patients' testimony of reversing their diabetes, to finding solutions to their thyroid symptoms, to the countless stories of others who have experienced revitalized health and wellness, we invite you to take some time to check out the stories below and to the left.

These are just a few examples of the many people whose lives have been affected by Healthy Beginnings & The Revitalize Health Program. Our hope would be that you trust us enough to allow us to rewrite your story as you unlock new life!

If you wish to schedule a consultation, you can do so here.


The Jacksons have Reversed His Diabetes


Tara Has Found Relief from Thyroid Symptoms


The Ottens Reclaim their Health from Diabetes and Heart Disease


The Wilkinsons are Done with Asthma



The Burkhardts TurnED the Corner with Chronic Illness